Concession Speech

To my family and friends, supporters of this campaign, and all who live in the 28th State Senate District of Virginia…

What makes a democracy? As Virginians, this question gets asked of us every year. A democracy is an opportunity. An opportunity to hope, to give courage, and to lend a voice. It is an opportunity to help shape our future.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank you with all of my heart. We campaigned with integrity, honesty, and openness, and listened to the concerns of the residents of this district. I hope our campaign sets an example. Together, we have proven that change is possible when each and every one of us takes action. I am grateful for all of the encouragement and support we have received these past six months.

Launching our campaign a month before the primary provided us with an uphill battle. However, for those who believe in the foundation of what makes a democracy, our voices were heard. Our desire to be heard and represented with a seat at the table resonated deeply throughout the district. My conversations with voters here in the Piedmont region centered around the need for a representative
who will be present, who will listen, who will work for progress that directly impacts our district, and who will protect individual freedoms.

My goal was—and still is—to bring meaningful change to this commonwealth: change that lifts up all of our lives and stands the test of time. I know firsthand how far a little bit of support can go in transforming lives. I will work to support investments in the resources that strengthen our economy, enhance education, and contribute to a better quality of life for all people in our district. With honesty,
integrity, and accountability anchoring my character, I hope to continue being an effective change agent for the future!

Thank you!

Jason Ford
Culpeper, Virginia